Tourism and Hospitality Tourism and Hospitality

The last decade has brought an unprecedented development in the global hotel industry. Big brands of the world have expanded their operations; Successful local companies have grown their operation to other markets.

Thanks to the development that this important sector has had, tourism and hospitality has faced the need to diversify its market, creating strategies that allow it to continue conquering the traveler and thus satisfactorily meet the demanding necessities for a variety of tastes and preferences.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that this sector, which has grown over the years and has had a strong impact on GDP growth, is also contributing to the generation of employment, mainly for young people. If the trend continues, the accelerated opening of new hotels and the wide variety of services demanded by this sector (travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, bars, leisure activities, tours, among others), will guarantee an increase in formal employment, improving thus the purchasing power and the economic dynamics of society.