Insurance Insurance

Insurances are intended to indemnify a possible damage or satisfy various benefits agreed between the parties. It is a way to ensure a good, an asset or the integrity of the person and generate peace of mind to the insured agent. Hence, the market is so broad and has plenty of coverage such as life insurance, theft, health, vehicular, fire, insurance policies in construction, among others.

Life insurance, by the scope of its coverage, is the most important of all and this is expressed in its economic behavior. For the year 2009 life insurance had a much more significant growth than other insurance, an undeniable reflection of the high demand for it. But another of the most acquired insurance is vehicular one. In 2015 there were about 263 million vehicles registered in the United States, so the market for this type of insurance is very broad and with a continuous growth, if we take into account that each year new vehicles are manufactured.

The insurance market has a lot of potential, not only for its applications on people but also in the business sector. However, the great challenge of this sector is to provide better information to consumers and increase the volume insured agents, since many potential users are unaware of the portfolio and scope of insurance.