Metallurgy and electronics  Metallurgy and electronics

Metallurgy is responsible for the extraction and processing of metals, it has a substantial influence on the development of many global industries such as automotive, telecommunications, construction and of course, electronics. In this sense, the challenge of this sector is framed in increasing production and stabilizing mineral prices to efficiently meet the high demand.

Australia is by far the largest producer of iron in the planet. In 2017 its production reached 880 million metric tons, while Brazil -second largest producer- barely exceeded 440 million. If we analyze regions, Asia Pacific is clearly the power of the sector, followed by North America and Europe. Hence, countries such as China, Japan and South Korea harbor the strongest manufacturing industries in the world, closely related in recent years to the electronic sector.

Electronic devices are present in all economic and social sectors of the planet. Mobile phones, medical equipment, agricultural machinery, automobiles and even in sportswear, in order to monitor the physical performance of an athlete. Electronics have a close relationship with a large number of applications that accelerate the progress of society and are increasingly used by people. For this reason, the demand for electronic devices, especially personal devices, has increased significantly in recent years.