Transport and logistics Transport and logistics

The transportation systems play a crucial role in everyday life of society. They can help people move from one place to another on their routine, move to another destination for vacation purposes or for commercial purposes as delivering a merchandise. Both people and goods are transported daily by land, air and sea. The volume of transported goods increases every year, becoming a challenge for the logistics industry.

The aviation industry has been strongly positioned in the market. On the one hand you can travel for long distances in a very short time, being very used for tourism and business trips. On the other hand, its aggressive commercial strategy has stimulated the demand for this service. As an example, the low-cost airlines and the campaigns of accumulation of redeemable miles to travel, make this industry one of the most attractive when traveling.

The transport of goods is fundamental for the world economy, allowing exports and imports that stimulate international trade. Many products are transported by air and ground, but most of trade is maritime. This happens because, its low cost in comparison to other means of transportation and its capability to transport big loads of cargo. The load volume of international maritime trade for the year 1980 was 102 million tons, while for the year 2015 it reached 1,687 million, ratifying the high demand of this logistics industry. In a globalized world, the acquisition of goods constitutes a paradigm. In fact, the United States imports all kinds of goods like oil, gas, chemicals and agricultural products.