Consumer goods Consumer goods

Consumer goods are part of the daily life of society, since they are the products that are intended to meet the needs of consumers. They can be exported or imported, so their prices are closely related to the value of the foreign currency, especially the US dollar for Latin America. This is why governments are constantly monitoring the behavior of this sector. Moreover, inflation also plays an important role since high inflation rates can have great impact on the family shopping basket and goods in general, resulting in lower consumption and a direct impact on the GDP of a nation.

Among other factors, the economy of a country is reflected in the purchasing power of the population. The greater the demand for consumer goods, the greater the growth of the economy. In this sense, the increase in the income of people and the dynamism of supply are the key to stimulate the demand for a product. This is when products produced with different parameters and high-quality standards become more recognized in the market.

This type of industry encourages society to consume on different time scales, maintaining a constant and stable commercial dynamic.