Agriculture, beef and fishing industry Agriculture, beef and fishing industry

Agriculture plays an important role on the food supply of the population. That is why some governments subsidize agricultural practices, in order to keep it running and bring food to people’s homes.

There is a big debate regarding the benefits of an agrarian policy based on smallholdings, agroindustry or small associations. No matter which type of policy it is, it always aims to stimulate the sector in order to get to the 80% growth goal in order to satisfy the growing agricultural demand forecasted for 2050.

The beef industry is one of the main commodities of the world’s economy, having large contributors such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia. In fact, Latin America holds 46% of the world’s beef industry becoming one of the most contributors of this sector.

On the other hand, the aquaculture industry, responsible for the use of aquatic plant or animal species, contributes significantly to the production of food and raw materials. Among the countries of the region, those that have territory in the Pacific Sea stand out. Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil contribute with 80% of the volume of fishing in Latin America. This is why we take special attention to this economic sector.