Personalized projects

STATLAT is the perfect ally for companies that are constantly facing the challenges of market globalization which involves being on the leading-edge of technology, innovation and information. It is essential to be updated on the changes and challenges that are expected in constantly changing market.

Personalized projects are an exclusive service of our Enterprise plan. You will get access to a select team of experts, who will be responsible for the collection and analysis of data to produce reliable findings that will lead your company on making the best decisions.

You must bear in mind that personalized projects have the following characteristics:

  • 1. One study per year.
  • 2. Available only in Colombian territory.
  • 3. Maximum 150 virtual or telephone surveys.
  • 4. A single virtual presentation of the study by one of our experts.
  • 5. A National scope.
  • 6. Maximum one general and two specific objectives.
  • 7. General public questions without any filter.