About Statlat

With a long history and experience in statistics and market research, we have studied all economic sectors, their products and services throughout the Americas. We try to identify how shocks impact each market and predict their behavior.

In each sector you will find trends, projections and a great variety of statistics in graphics, maps, annual forecasts, motion graphics, infographics and dossiers. This will help you to have a clearer vision about different markets and economies of the American continent.

Thanks to our services in research and statistical analysis, we have managed to offer critical information for companies, professionals, educational institutions, students and future entrepreneurs.


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You can access through by purchasing any of our subscriptions other that the free one. Remember that these are tailored-made in order to satisfy the different necessities and purposes of each customer.

You can pay by debit or credit card (VISA and Mastercard), PayPal and PayU.

All premium accounts have a 12-month period subscription.

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In each statistic you will find detailed information about the source, the economic sector and its year.

On the search bar, just type in what you need to find and you will immediately get the results. In addition, you have the possibility to filter the results by categories, countries, years and economic sectors.

The economic sectors that you can find in STATLAT are the following:

  1. Media and marketing
  2. Technology and telecommunications
  3. Agriculture, beef and fishing industry
  4. Consumer goods
  5. Commerce
  6. Internet
  7. Economy, demography, education and general data
  8. Insurance
  9. Finance
  10. Construction
  11. Energy and environment
  12. Transport and logistics
  13. Metallurgy and electronics
  14. Chemical products and raw materials
  15. Health and pharmaceutical industry
  16. Tourism and Hospitality

You can download all the statistics in formats like: Excel, PNG and PDF. It is important to mention that for some of our categories (Dossiers, Maps, Sectoral Reports and Annual Studies) information is only available on PDF format.

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